Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sane Provincetown Parents Revolt Against School Board

When the school board in Provincetown, Mass., voted unanimously on June 8 to provide free condoms to all students in the district without parental notification, no one in the audience objected.

In fact, no one thought much about it.

That’s the real story here. No one thought much about it. The local community was so deeply inside the Bubble that it never even occurred to anyone that this might be problematic.

Surely, the responsible parents of enlightened P Town must have had some sort of vague sense that all was not well?

No one objected. In fact, no one thought much of it, says Beth Singer, the school superintendent.

Even after passage, she said, she had only one phone call—from a parent who wanted to know when it would go into effect so she could talk to her kids about it.

One wants to be a fly on the wall when it comes time for discipline in that house. “Honey, I know you feel that you and your other friends in second grade are old enough to smoke, so I just want to encourage you to come and ask me any questions you might have! Most of all be sure to practice safe smoking by using filtered cigarettes the nurse provides. No need to check with me. Just do whatever feels right. The pleasure of tobacco is a beautiful, natural thing that God created and you don’t need to feel ashamed at all as you take your first step into this more adult way of living. Yes, there are health risks, but so long as you do it in moderation, lots of adults live rich, full lives with tobacco as a very important part of the pleasure! You deserve that pleasure! Love you, honey!”

Eventually the story hit the national media and normal people from outside the Bubble began to react. School officials are “shell-shocked”. P-Town parents who hadn’t hear about this mad scheme began to revolt. It turns out lots of people aren’t nearly as enlightened as P-Town school social engineer and actually think there may be some other way of dealing with the problem than encouraging pre-adolescent to get jiggy. All sorts of barbarisms are being proposed, such as “parental notification” and “not giving condoms to kindergartners”. If this keeps up we might even see some wahoo suggesting that sexualizing elementary school kids is a bad thing, not a thing to be facilitated by bureaucratic dunces.

That’s what happens when you start placing the rights of parents above the brilliance of technicians and specialists and “respected studies”. Next thing you know, we’ll be hearing that chastity is a virtue. Very out of step with P-Town culture.

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