Sunday, July 4, 2010

First Lady Asks Support for American Military

A small percentage of Americans fight our wars, but we need 100 percent of Americans to support these brave men and women and their families back home. Here are some things you can do in your community to get started:

Stay informed about the activities and concerns of military families in your community and across the nation;

Take time out to get to know and express appreciation to military families;

Help ensure military families have the opportunity to share their stories and voice their concerns in your community;

Help ensure the places where you work, worship and participate in community life connect their activities to addressing military families' unique challenges; and

Identify opportunities in your communities to tap into the unique skills, experience and commitment to service our military families display each day.

To all of our military families serving this Nation around the world, I offer my sincerest thank you. Your courage, service, and sacrifice are an inspiration to us all.

Happy Independence Day, everyone!


Michelle Obama

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