Saturday, January 2, 2010

Westergaard's Attacker Linked to Shebab

A Somali man was charged Saturday with the attempted murder of a Danish cartoonist whose caricatures of the Muslim prophet Mohammed sparked riots and protests around the world.

The axe-wielding 28-year-old broke into Kurt Westergaard's home late Friday, screaming for "revenge" and "blood." The cartoonist hid in a panic room with a five-year-old granddaughter and called the police.

The suspect is alleged to have thrown the axe at one of the policemen who arrived on the scene, just missing him, then attacked with a knife before being shot and wounded in the arm and thigh.

He was brought bandaged into court at Aarhus, northwest Denmark, Saturday on a stretcher wearing a hospital gown and covered with blankets, the Ritzau agency reported.

"He was charged with double attempted murder," a court spokesman said, adding the suspect was remanded in custody for four weeks, the first two of them in solitary confinement.

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