Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mother of Taliban Chief: Stop the Killing!

MINGORA, Jan 9: The mother of Swat Taliban chief Maulana Fazlullah said on Saturday that “enough blood has been shed” and peace should now return to Swat.

“I beg my son to stop bloodshed, but I don’t believe he will obey my orders,” she said, adding that Fazlullah had left home three years ago.

“I met him (Fazlullah) only once in these three years, in the village of Jabbar, during Ramazan. Since I was ill I could not discuss much with him,” she added.

Correspondant Hameedullah Khan reports thats two girls trained for suicide attacks and two close associates of TNSM chief Maulana Sufi Mohammad, along with Fazlullah’s mother, were brought to a briefing for journalists at Madressah Jamia Osman bin Affan, in Swat’s Charbagh region.

Officials said that security forces had taken Fazlullah’s mother into custody during the operation against the Taliban in Swat. She was found unconscious at a height of about 3,000 metres on a mountain.

Waliullah Kabalgrami and Maulvi Ahmed, close associates of Sufi Mohammad, told journalists that they had openly opposed the policies Maulana Fazlullah had adopted and also some of the decisions taken by Sufi Mohammad.

Kabalgrami, who was once a teacher of Fazlullah, said he had opposed suicide bombings and attacks on schools, health centres, bridges and government installations, but Fazlullah never listened to him.

WOULD-BE BOMBERS: Fourteen-year-old Rabia and 16-year-old Arfa, the would-be suicide bombers, told journalists that fiery speeches of Taliban leaders on the FM radio run by Maulana Fazlullah had overwhelmed them into going the way of suicide bombers.

They denied having received training at any Taliban camp, but said they had been made to believe that they would go “straight to heaven”.

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