Friday, January 8, 2010

News Briefs

LONDON, Jan 6: Soldiers rescued stranded drivers on Wednesday as Britain’s most brutal winter in decades caused chaos for travellers, and bitterly cold temperatures cloaked much of Europe. Millions of people in London and the southeast of England woke up to heavy snow after storms spread overnight from Scotland and the north of England.

CAIRO, Jan 7: Police used teargas and fired into the air to disperse Coptic Christians protesting a drive-by shooting outside a church on Thursday in which six Copts and a Muslim policeman were killed. The shooting happened in the southern town of Nagaa Hamady after midnight mass on Coptic Christmas, which is celebrated on Jan 7. Another nine Copts were wounded, the interior ministry said.

WASHINGTON, Jan 7: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said the United States will invest in countries that incubate terrorism as the cost of not doing so will be far greater. In a policy address on Wednesday she also said that the Obama administration intended to put development and foreign aid on the same level as diplomacy and military power in US foreign policy.

MADRID, Jan 7: The Spanish EU presidency called on Thursday for a common European stance on the use of body scanners at airports as member states bickered over the issue after a failed plot to blow up a US airplane.

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