Saturday, August 1, 2009

US Must Urge Pakistan to Protect Minorities

Here is record of Pakistan Peoples Party for Minorities of Pakistan – It started in 1972.

While presenting the bill in 1971 in the National Assembly the Interior Minister, Mulana Qusir Niazi said, “takeover their institutions and let them die their own death”.

The dead Prime Minister, Z. A. Bhutto then nationalized all the Christian Schools, Colleges and Hospitals to offset the loss of East Pakistan in 1971 which was his fault.

Bhutto then addressed the nation of the remaining Pakistan, the Muslim Extremists and said, “I have taken the symbol of Christianity (The Cross) from the face of this land, Pakistan.”

Minorities in Pakistan have paid a heavy price for the mistakes of Pakistan Peoples' Party which has failed to protect them from the Muslim Extremists for decades. It appears that the Pakistan government wants the largest minority - the Christians - to disappear from the face of that country.

The US should urge Pakistan to provide basic protections for its minorities as called for by the United Nations and by US concern for human rights.

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