Friday, August 7, 2009

Justice for Gojra Christians?

According to latest news five terrorist considered to be member of the core group which conspired the burning of Christians and their house in Gojra and Korian have been arrested. These arrests were done from Sindh and Frontier provinces.

In this barbaric incident over forty houses were burnt to ashes and over hundred and twenty looted, killing nine including women and children burnt alive.

The persons arrested stayed for fifteen days in the house of a local Muslim Imam (Clergy of a Mosque) named Mohammad Yaseen and had fled immediately after the incident of Gojra.

According to the “Investigation team” the arrested persons have confessed their involvement in the conspiracy.

Though detailed information is awaited, yet it stands confirmed that no incident of desecration had occurred and the Christians were framed and targeted. More arrests are anticipated.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan and the Chief Minister of Punjab visited Gojra today amid tight security along with high officials of Pakistan Army to highlight the notice which the Government takes of this sad incident.

All previous cases of similar notice could not hold any person or organization responsible for such actions.

While the PM and CM were holding a meeting with the survivors of the Christian community, people from Islamic groups held demonstration for the release of those held earlier with the killing of Christians and burning/looting of their houses.

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