Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Muslim Expresses Concern for Pakistan Christians

In this letter a Fijian Muslim expresses concern over killing of Christians in Pakistan. It is hoped that this matter will be brought to the United Nations before the world witnesses even greater atrocities against Christians (Xians) in Pakistan.


I am so sad about what is happening to Christian community in Pakistan. I have been praying to Allah to give peace and protection to the helpless Christians and punish the heartless Muslims and their mad mullahs all of the Tabligi Jamat members but God doesn’t have a mobile phone.

The problem is that the international community and global media doesn't know about it.

My dear sir please inform the world governments and media now and petition them to pressurize Pakistani government to eliminate this situation, and punish the trouble makers.

Please, inform the United Nation, USA , British, Australia , Pacific Islands and all European Governments now while its happening so they can question the Pakistani government. Ask then to do something about it. It is only the world Christian aid groups that is helping the IDP Muslim.

How could Muslims be so ungrateful and hurt the helpless poor Christians?

I as a Muslim have been talking to Pakistani Muslims here in Australia, they are even sad about the situation I said why don't they raise their voice against this atrocities, they say nothing will happen. It is the politicians who are creating this situation.

I even spoke to Tabligi Jamat members here. Some said they have been praying to Allah to bring a stop to all this. I said it is their members (tabligi jamat) in Pakistan who are committing this atrocities against Xians and Hindus. I am not a Pakistani. I'm a Fijian Muslim.

I phoned some Muslim friends in Pakistan this afternoon. They told me they are sad, that women and children and innocent people are burnt and killed. I said why don't you raise voice against it. They said how? What a sad thing. Afsos kiya ajib haal hai? Khuda kanha hai. Yeh kaisi bewaqufi qurabani hai? I'm sad that I do not have Allah's telephone number or else I would have appealed to him to bring peace.

These fanatical Muslims are doing in the name of Islam what Prophet Muhammad himself never did. When did Mohammad burnt a whole community for the sake of one man's mistake.

The community who is persecuted - they become the rulers and inherit the country. History has shown us this.

Kind Regards
Mohammad Azeez Khan
August 2, 2009

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