Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Christians Slaughtered and Media Looks Away

For centuries, Muslims committed genocide against Hindus in India and what is now Pakistan. Today, in Sudan, Somalia [1], Nigeria [2], Kenya [3], Turkey [4], Pakistan [5], Gaza [6], and Iran, it’s open season on Christians.

Lubna Hussein, the Sudanese journalist who is facing 40 lashes for “indecency” because she wore trousers—has just been barred from leaving Sudan.

Interestingly, Hussein is a Christian, not a Muslim; she is also a former UN worker. (For the sake of this lawsuit, she immediately quit her UN job which would have provided her with immunity from such prosecution). The Sudanese Islamist authorities are not allowing her to do an interview in Lebanon. Sarkozy, who has called for a ban of the burqa in France, has invited Hussein to Paris. Please note: In Sudan, non-Muslim women are being punished if they do not dress according to Islamist standards.

All infidels, including the People of the Book (Jews and Christians) are an endangered species in Muslim countries. Always have been.

Christians are being slaughtered in Pakistan by Muslim mobs for refusing to convert; for being Christians; and for allegedly setting fire to a Quran. Young Pakistani Christian girls are being kidnapped, raped, “married” to Muslim men and then forced to convert. Recently, a rampaging Muslim mob burned eight Christians alive, destroyed 50 houses [8] and destroyed a church in the village of Gojra [9].

Earlier this month, Pakistani Christians finally closed their schools and peacefully protested their country’s “blasphemy” laws.

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