Friday, July 25, 2008

The Rector Said What?

Detroit: Renaissance Unity dispatched 15,000 e-mails this week, an effort that will be followed by a mass snail-mailing to other churches, synagogues and mosques. He argues that prayer is personally beneficial ("It raises cortisol levels"), even if you're not supernaturally inclined.

Kenneth J. Flowers, pastor at Greater New Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church, insists that "prayer is always in order." After praying for economic uplift, he thinks the city of Detroit will need its own special day to pray for scandal relief.

In Clawson, the Rev. Harry T. Cook, rector at St. Andrews Episcopal Church, a self-described agnostic, dismisses the idea of a group prayer day, saying "these are man-made problems that require man-made solutions."

The rector suggests politics: voting, mobilizing, taking action.

Read it all here.

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