Saturday, July 12, 2008

EPA on Marine Debris Abatement

Marine debris has 2 sources: land and sea. Land sources cause 80% of the marine debris found on beaches and in the seas.
The second source is from ocean sources, including galley waste, trash from ships, recreational boating and fishing, and offshore oil and gas exploration and production facilities.

Marine liter is a problem along shorelines, coastal waters, estuaries, and oceans. It is defined as any man-made, solid material that enters our waterways by dumping or as washout to the sea via rivers, streams, or storm drains.

Objects ranging from detergent bottles, hazardous medical wastes, and discarded fishing line all qualify as marine debris. In addition to being unsightly, it poses a serious threat to everything with which it comes into contact. Marine debris can be life-threatening to marine organisms and humans and can wreak havoc on coastal communities and the fishing industry.

For more information on marine debris abatement, go here.

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