Monday, June 2, 2008

Weigh in on Hillary Clinton

Here are quotes about and by Hillary Clinton. Leave a comment in her defense.

“I would not count Senator Clinton out. She has shown that she's a strong fighter and a great candidate.” -- Nancy DiNardo

“She's smart. She's substantive. I hope if Obama is the nominee, he asks her to be his running mate and she accepts.” -- Kim Christopher

Clinton “is going to be a great asset when we go into November.” -- Obama

“It does appear to be pretty clear that Senator Obama is going to be the nominee. After Tuesday's contests, she needs to acknowledge that he's going to be the nominee and quickly get behind him.” -- Tom Vilsack

“Hillary Clinton began the race as the inheritor of a family franchise built by her husband, Bill Clinton. She ends it with her own distinctive political voice--tough, empathetic, tenacious.” -- Ronald Brownstein

“There’s nobody taking Hillary’s side but Hillary people. It’s too bad. She deserves better than this.” -- Donald Fowler

“Mrs. Clinton has instructed me to reserve her rights to take this to the credentials committee.” -- -- Harold Ickes on decision to give Florida and Michigan only half votes

“One woman grabbed my hand and said, 'I'm a basketball coach. You don't walk off the court until the game is over."' -- Hillary Clinton while campaigning

“Senator Obama has a narrow lead in delegates. And we’re going to have to make our case to the automatic so-called superdelegates. And I think my case is clear — more than 17 million people voted for me.” -- Hillary Clinton

“In recent primary history, we have never nominated someone who has not won the popular vote.” -- Hillary Clinton


Unknown said...

If it's not Hillary I will vote republican...I am sick that it has come to this. I will not vote for Obama....EVER He does not fool me

Alice C. Linsley said...

Tony, I suspect that many Americans feel as you do.