Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tom Alexander: Vision for Orange UK

"I was happily retired with no intention of going into an operational role again after successfully floating and subsequently selling Virgin Mobile, and then I got the call saying would I be interested in taking over Orange. The Orange brand is so iconic; the opportunity to do really interesting things with Orange fascinated me. It really intrigued me."

Alexander joined Orange in January and this week unveiled the new strategy and "new ambition for the business". This will be followed by a new brand and advertising campaign to replace, "The future's bright. The future's Orange".

He says: "I want the brand to be the best-loved communications brand in the UK. A lot of people love the brand already, but if we can get the hearts and minds of our customers and deliver on that expectation we will have loyal customers that recommend us.

"If we really deliver the quality and service that I believe is central to our strategy, they will use the phone more and the number and the profits are obviously there. That's absolutely core."

Read it all here.

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