Saturday, March 16, 2013

Episcopal "Church" Sticks it to Falls Church

Virginia Episcopal Bishop Shannon Johnston ordained an avowed lesbian, Jo J. Belser, to the priesthood in the former parish of the Rev. John Yates - at the Falls Church, VA -- even as he talked up "reconciliation" with ACNA priest the Rev. Tory Baucam in front of Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby in Coventry cathedral recently.

The ordination included a number of men and women one of which included Belser. Belser is the lesbian daughter of a fundamentalist preacher who lives in Alexandria, VA, She said that she joined the Episcopal Church because "it's the only one that lets gay people grow spiritually without requiring that they stop being gay."

Here is an excerpt from Fr. Tory Baucam's response:

First was the ordination of a non-celibate lesbian in the former home of the Falls Church Anglican parish this past December. This was a problem of both menu and venue, of what and where it was done. This kind of ordination, which violates scriptural teaching, caused the Anglican schism in the first place. I believe that holding the service at the Falls Church shortly after they lost their building showed a disregard and lack of respect for the good and godly pastor and the people of the Falls Church. This was a failure to treat others in a way that honors the imago dei in each of us. It was extremely painful to learn of this action and my full sympathy is with John Yates+ and his congregation.

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jdwoods76 said...

I just read Johnston's reply--arrogant and condescending. How painfully embarrassing: Francis I has already denounced social engineering and announced that the Church will focus on the poor of the world, meanwhile effete Episcopal leaders are terrified of appearing closed-minded and the new Abp. promotes business management techniques.

Alice C. Linsley said...

Pray. Your prayers can influence the events around you. Only pray and trust the goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ. We can't change the world. He has overcome it.