Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gays Bashing Elderly Christians

By Helen Weathers, Mailonline

[...] The Bulls argued that, as devout Christians, they let their double rooms only to heterosexual married couples and that their beliefs prevented them from allowing same-sex couples to share a double bed – although gay couples could stay in single or twin rooms.

This week, however, the judge ruled that the Bulls’ actions amounted to direct discrimination, on the grounds of sexual orientation, as there was ‘no material difference between marriage and civil partnership’.

Their lives are now in turmoil. Hazelmary is adamant that she and Peter will not compromise their religious beliefs, despite the court ruling. As a result, they have two options – face prosecution again by refusing to book double rooms to gay civil partners, or close the business.

And if they close the business, which is already in debt, then they can’t afford to stay in their home.

‘I don’t want to tell Peter. I want to hold back for a little while, because he’s so ill,’ says Hazelmary, whose husband suffered complications after surgery. ‘He doesn’t know because the hospital has kept him sedated for two days.

‘The uncertainty of the future would take Peter down. He doesn’t cope well with stress.

‘I feel so upset. I don’t want us to leave Chymorvah like this. It feels like we are being driven out.

‘We have put everything into it and if we lose it we’ll be left with nothing. We’ll have no money to buy a new home and who will give us a mortgage at our age?’
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Comment from Amanda Platell: Where's the justice?

Civil partners Steven Preddy and Martyn Hall won their lengthy court battle for compensation from two Christian hotel owners who refused a double bed to the gay couple.

As they reveal in an interview in the Mail today, Peter and Hazelmary Bull are now the target of vile abuse, have been inundated with aggressive demands for rooms from gay couples, and unless their appeal against the judgment is successful, may have to close their business — and thus lose their home — rather than compromise their faith.

Peter is now in hospital recovering from a heart operation. Meanwhile, Mr Preddy and Mr Hall were each awarded £1,800 for the ‘hurt and embarrassment they suffered’.

I know who I consider to be the real victims in this sorry farce.

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