Monday, January 17, 2011

Congress: Protection for Illegal Pakistanis

WASHINGTON, Jan 16: The Temporary Protection Status Bill for illegal Pakistani immigrants in the United States has been moved in the US Congress.

AL Green, the Democratic Party congressman from Texas, tabled the TPS Bill earlier this week.

The US constitution allows temporary protection status to illegal immigrants from the countries that suffer a natural disaster like floods or an earthquake. Last year, unprecedented floods devastated various parts of Pakistan, leaving over 1,600 people dead and affecting millions.

After the passage of the bill in Congress, illegal Pakistani immigrants would be able to enjoy temporary residence status in the United States, while the bill will also benefit students and those staying in the US on visit visas.

An identical bill was presented before the previous Congress in December by a panel of eight members. But it expired after the mid-term elections brought in a new Congress. Last year, the United States provided temporary protection status to thousands of Haitians living here after an earthquake killed an estimated 250,000 people and sparked a humanitarian crisis.

Meanwhile, Pakistanis demonstrated outside the White House and the UN headquarters in New York in favour of the bill. Similar demonstrations were held in Boston and Chicago.

Source: Pakistan Dawn

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