Thursday, January 20, 2011

Catholic vs Christian School, United in Tragedy

This letter appeared in the local paper after a game between arch-rivals Lexington Christian Academy and Lexington Catholic.

Class acts

I volunteer with some older fellows at Lexington Catholic home basketball games. While working a game against Lexington Christian Academy, I was distracted by something different. It was utter silence.

Three days earlier a senior who attended Catholic died unexpectedly. A minute of silence was observed in his memory. This was followed by a prayer for a fallen friend.

The Catholic student section, all clad in black, stood silently with heads bowed. Two lines of LCA players stood reverently, heads bowed.

I noticed the Catholic players were wearing their black jerseys instead of their usual home whites. Their cheerleaders were dressed in black uniforms also. I saw LCA students also in black.

During the game an LCA player was fouled and knocked to the floor. The Catholic player who fouled him walked over, extended a hand and pulled the LCA player to his feet and gave him an affectionate pat on the backside. Way to go, No. 20.

Later, an LCA player charging hard down the floor ran into and flattened Catholic's star, Taylor Martin. The LCA player leaned over and said something to Martin and helped him to his feet. Way to go, No. 14.

At times a tragedy brings out the best in us. This was demonstrated by a bunch of high school students on this night.

To those parents who spend a lot to assure their kids a Christian education, it's worth it.

Gene Caudill

From here.  The sudden death was a suicide.

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