Friday, March 27, 2009

Mexico Probably Prosecuting an Innocent Man

Man sentenced to 38 years in prison for murder of radio journalist AmadoRamírez Dillanes

SOURCE: Reporters sans frontières (RSF), Paris(RSF/IFEX) - Genaro Vázquez Durán has been sentenced to 38 years in prison for the April 2007 murder of Amado Ramírez Dillanes, a radio journalist and correspondent for the national TV station Televisa, in Acapulco, in the southern state of Guerrero. The authorities said it was a "crime of passion" but the motives have never been properly explained.

Vázquez's lawyer has appealed his conviction on the grounds that no witness ever clearly identified him as the killer and one witness who was cited in the investigation even stated that Vázquez was not responsible for the crime.

Vázquez, who said he was tortured during interrogation, insisted on his innocence in an interview after the verdict.

Ramírez was gunned down as he was walking to his car after presenting his programme "Al Tanto" on Radiorama Acapulco, on 6 April 2007, amid a wave of drug-related killings in Guerrero state that left 14 dead in the space of afew hours. "

Al Tanto" was withdrawn by the station immediately after his murder, suggesting that "someone" made their point through violance and intimidation.

Mexico is the second most dangerous country for journalists. The first is Pakistan.

Updates the Ramírez case:

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