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David Virtue on the Demise of a Great Nation

David Virtue
May 30, 2014

Some religious leaders say America is facing a spiritually dark time.

"At the root of America's problem, we really have a spiritual cancer that's been eating away at our nation," Bishop Harry Jackson, senior pastor of Hope Christian Church in Beltsville, Maryland, told CBN News.

Retired Gen. Jerry Boykin used to fight America's physical enemies overseas. He's now working with the Family Research Council fighting spiritual foes.

Boykin said without a Third Great Awakening, forces like those that took down mighty empires of the past will also bring down the United States.

"We're going to wind up exactly like these other great empires, which only lasted on an average about 200 years," he said. "We're going to completely self-destruct. And you see the beginnings of that now."

If one takes a look at the Episcopal Church, one can only conclude that she is part of the spiritual darkness – endorsing pansexuality, blessing gay marriage, approving openly practicing homogenital bishops, deposing faithful priests and bishops, filing massive lawsuits for properties against those who would uphold the faith, deconstructing Scripture to make it fit with the times. and much more.

A deep darkness is descending over the country. Inequality, both spiritual and material, is everywhere. The word “sin” is barely heard in the cyber noise of the nation. Nones and Millennials are abandoning the ship of Church by the millions. Tragically, many churches, including most Episcopal churches, are complicit in extending the darkness, failing to penetrate it with the light of the gospel.

Recently, my wife and I attended the 11am service at historic Christ Church in Philadelphia where we were shocked by the service. Apart from an appalling sermon given by a layman about the church’s social programs in Philadelphia and his constant reference to a “higher power” helped along by a vague reference to the Holy Spirit, the service dismally failed to follow even the ’79 Prayer Book service. There was no corporate (or individual) confession of sin and therefore no general absolution. A “choir” of folk sang a tune (not a hymn) about being happy which presumably made everyone listening happy as well. The sermon, as mentioned, could have been delivered by a recovering alcoholic from the Kiwanis Club.

Further symptomatic signs of America’s moral decline might also be seen in the recent random shooting by a deranged young white male in Santa Barbara, California.

While his “manifesto” was little more than the rant of a spoilt young man who couldn’t find a girlfriend other far more disturbing self-disclosing features revealed that he had been traumatized by his first encounter with pornography at the age of 11. A couple of years later, he was shaken when he saw another teenager watching pornography in an internet cafĂ©. "The sight was shocking, traumatizing, and arousing. All of these feelings mixed together took a great toll on me. I walked home and cried by myself for a bit. I felt too guilty about what I saw to talk to my parents about it."

No wonder he couldn’t talk to his parents about it. They had been divorced when he was seven – a moment which he fingered as the beginning of his inner torment. But his father – who worked in Hollywood films – quickly found another girlfriend. This seems to have warped Rodgers’ view of women, sexuality and relationships. "Males who can easily find female mates garner more respect from their fellow men, even children," he wrote. "How ironic is it that my father, one of those men who could easily find a girlfriend, has a son who would struggle all his life to find a girlfriend."

Behind the deluded self-pity, it seems clear that Elliot Rodger was a lonely youngster starved for a father and shaken to the core by his parents’ divorce. A curious boy who had no one to talk to about the facts of life. A sick teenager who had no one to guide him through adolescent temptations.

It’s a familiar story. Most of the men on the never-ending list of rampage killers in the Unites States came from homes where the parents were divorced or separated. Predictably, their own relationships were fraught as well. John Zawahiri, 23, killed five people in Santa Monica in 2013 near and on the campus of a state college. His parents had been separated for years.

In December 2012, Adam Lanza, 20, killed his mother, six staff at a Connecticut primary school, and 20 school children before shooting himself. His parents were divorced.

Also in December 2012, 22-year-old Jacob Roberts ran amok in a Portland, Oregon, shopping mall. He killed two people with an automatic rifle before committing suicide. He had never known his mother and was raised by a divorced aunt and her husband who shared custody of him.

Wade Page was a white supremacist who shot six Sikhs dead in Milwaukee before being killed by a police officer earlier in August 2012. His parents were divorced.

In October 2011 a California man, 41-year-old Scott Evans Dekraai walked into his ex-wife’s hair salon and shot her and seven other people dead. His parents were divorced.

Add to this the easy access to guns (Rick Warren’s son was able to buy a 9-millimeter Glock online and shot himself) and you have a recipe for murder and mayhem unparalleled in any other country on earth…all in the name of a false freedom that believes in some unnamed enemy “out there” only to discover the enemy is really us…and he stalks amongst us with loaded guns to maim and kill.

And what are the churches saying about all this? Virtually nothing. There are two things awe can’t talk about in America: We can’t touch guns even though the Second Amendment talks about guns only with regard to a Militia and you dare not touch gay sex. If you do the whole world erupts in anger and rage.

I wrote an article precisely on this issue: What Practicing Pansexualists Hate the Most. If there is one thing practicing pansexualists hate the most - it is empirical facts. Facts that speak directly to disease and death. All the talk of “homophobia”, “hate” and “oppression” cannot disguise or conceal the facts and consequences of homosexual behavior.

A case in point is the recent hounding of a Caribbean professor from his job, not only for his support of Belize’s anti-sodomy law, but having the gaul to tell the truth about the costs of HIV/AIDS.

When he did, the gay thought police and homosexual fascists i.e. thirty-three "gay" advocacy and civil rights groups, moved in quickly and got the good professor Brendan Bain, who also happens to be a Christian, sacked as head of CHART, the Caribbean HIV/AIDS Regional Training (CHART) Initiative, claiming his expert testimony in Belize represents a conflict of interest. You can read the full story here:


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