Sunday, February 17, 2013

N. Korean Doctors Murdered by Boko Haram

Assailants in north-eastern Nigeria have killed three North Korean doctors, beheading one of the physicians, in the latest attack on health workers in a nation under assault by a radical Islamic sect, officials said on Sunday.

The deaths on Saturday night of the doctors in Potiskum, a town in Yobe state, comes after gunmen killed at least nine women administering polio vaccines in Kano, the major city of Nigeria's predominantly Muslim north.

The two attacks raise questions over whether an extremist, sect Boko Haram, has picked a new soft target in its guerrilla campaign of shootings and bombings across the country. The sect has carried out a number of attacks in Yobe in the past 18 months.

The attackers apparently attacked the North Korean doctors inside their home, said Dr Mohammed Mamman, chairman of the hospital managing board of Yobe state. The doctors had no security guards at their residence and typically travelled around via three-wheel taxis without a police escort, officials said.

By the time soldiers arrived at the house, they found the doctors' wives cowering in a flowerbed outside their home. At the property, they found the corpses of the men, all bearing what appeared to be machete wounds.

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