Monday, September 3, 2012

Is Biden Party to Rabbinic Intolerance?

Vice President Joe Biden delivered a speech at The Rabbinical Assembly in May 2012 in which he painted President Obama as a great supporter of Israel. It was a political speech. It is doubtful that Biden knew or cares that the Rabbinical Assembly has targeted the children of Messianic Jews for conversion.

The RA regards the children of Messianic Jews as apostates and proposes ‘aggressive’ conversion to Judaism, ignoring parental rights, freedom of religious choice, and family dissension, a charge the Rabbis often level at Christian missionaries.

On page 150 of Rabbi Zelizer’s The Return of Second Generation Apostates, this admission is made:

In our Movement we areaggressive in seeking toconvert to Judaism those who are
sincere and eligible for conversion. Simultaneously, we are attempting to recoup those
born of Jewish ancestry whose parents have led them astray.

Zelizer states:

…those children of apostates are still technically Jewish.

Jewishness is an ethnicity traced through the mother. To be Jewish one must be born to a Jewish mother. Judaism is a religion. To join Judaism one must properly convert to Judaism.  None born Jewish is required to affirm Judaism. It is expected, but the matters of ethnicity and religion are separate. The Rabbinical Assembly has presumed soul-rights over all Jews.  It intends to go after the children of  Jews who regard Jesus as the long-awaited Messiah children.  They will call it "rescue" but Messianic Jews will experience it as persecution.

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