Friday, June 29, 2012

Medical Insurance for Christians

Medi-Share, a Florida-based health insurance company, helps to pay medical bills for Christians who don't smoke or drink. The company serves nearly 40,000 people in 49 states.

Medi-Share members affirm a statement of Christian beliefs and pledge to follow a code that includes no tobacco or illegal drugs, no sex outside of marriage, and no abuse of alcohol or legal medications. Every month, members pay a fixed "share" to cover the medical expenses of members in need. The cost usually is less than private insurance.

The organization says it helps Christians pay medical bills based on a Bible verse that urges people to "carry each other's burdens."

Not surprisingly, Medi-Share is being challenged in the courts.  Were this company serving only Muslims, it probably would not be challenged. 

Howard Russell, president of Christian Healthcare Ministries, reports that Medi-Share is in compliance with all applicable federal regulations.

David Adams, a critic of the crackdown on such ministries, said the alternative coverage plans should be an option for families.  He adds, "The consumer is the one left hanging in this battle with the uncertainly caused by arbitrary laws and official inaction," Adams said. "We need to have a public discussion about why we're limiting people and their abilities to freely contract for health care coverage."

The Medi-Share plan is simple and streamlined. Medi-Share participants have saved more than $600 million in healthcare expenses by sharing in each others medical bills instead of monthly premiums. Medi-Share participants on an average pay 20% to 30% less for healthcare. 

Obamacare, if instituted in the states, will require all uninsured to purchase medical insurance. What do you want to bet, Obama didn't have this initiative in mind?

Medi-Share is recommended by financial consultant Dave Ramsey and would be ideal for teachers at Christian Schools.

Call 1-866-606-7390 or go here to request free information.


kenlyn said...

Medi-share is indeed a unique program for providing assistance with medical care, but unlike health insurance programs this route uses blatant discrimination to prevent certain individuals from benefiting from its specifically points out that only those engaging in sexual intercourse within a “Christian” marriage are allowed to join. This immediately eliminates gay, lesbian, and transgender individuals from enrolling in Medi-share. The program also places limits on services it covers based upon religious beliefs and states specifically that abortions will not be covered under any circumstance.

Alice C. Linsley said...

A medical coverage of this type for Muslims would also discriminate against gays, lesbians and drinkers. Discrimination is a good thing when it comes to customizing coverage for specific groups.

So get over it!