Thursday, May 31, 2012

Brits Seek Support in Opposition to Gay "Marriage"

Anglican Mainstream reports that concerned Anglicans have met with David Cameron to express their opposition to gay "marriage."  They are fighting the good fight and seek support from other Anglicans in the UK and abroad.

Four leaders of Christian congregations in the Oxfordshire area met their local MP David Cameron in early May. The meeting was to register deep concern and opposition to his plans for "gay marriage". The argument that he did not refute was that once we lose the distinction between Civil Partnerships and Marriage the courts (especially the European courts) might not agree to the legality of the opt out clause.

He did say it was the church’s problem to live with the change in legislation, and did not expand on “reassurances” given in letters to constituents that they are proposing no changes to how religious organisations define and solemnise religion marriages.  The state would determine what was taught in schools about marriage.


There is no "guaranteed" out clause. Churches which otherwise are taking minimal interest in the C4M campaign might revisit their investment in this area if they were to understand what is the likely scenario for them if SSM becomes legal.

Sign here:, and pass it on to your networks. C4M is aiming for a million signatures and is over half way there. For other ways to respond positively please send email to or call in UK 0117 924 4896

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