Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Anglican Common Prayer: A Step Toward Orthodoxy?

English Orthodox Communications (EOC) has produced a Book of Common Prayer.

(in the English parochial tradition according to orthodox usage)

The EOC BCP is being offered at distress prices at Lancelot Andrewes Press (xxix)

I think the book is a worthwhile addition to any English speaking Christian. It is a very useful collection of material showing the prayerbook with the older prayers.
It is too Roman. It is a step to Orthodoxy when the official Orthodox churches could care less about evangelism.

It is a great reference book and an amazing collection of material.

It is my belief that it could in th long run be a help in church unity. What we have now is positively scandalous.

We have to remember that it took 500 years of hard work for the great schism to happen. It took 500 years of hard work for the Reformation to happen. The people who caused the problems are all dead. The fact that there is no unity is our fault. A Catholic priest told me a while ago that unity will probably happen from the bottom up rather than the from the top down

A journey of a thousand miles starts with but a single step.

This book is a start by putting the material out. It needs years of peer review.

Read more of Paul Taylor's review here.


Jenny Adkins said...

Our current Sunday school lessons are on Eastern Orthodoxy and I am fascinated by it. The book we are using is Eastern Orthodox Theology by Clendenin.

Alice C. Linsley said...

Here is a list of books I recommend on this topic:

Orthodoxy and Lutheranism are very far apart on the question of theosis. For Luther, synergistic cooperation between the person in Christ and the Trinity in working out salvation was an impossibility.