Thursday, April 18, 2013

Conspiracy Theorist Charged in Ricin-laced Letter

CORINTH, Miss. — A Mississippi man who allegedly mailed poison-laced letters to the White House, a U.S. senator and a judge from Mississippi was charged Thursday with threatening the president and the two other officials, according to Justice Department documents.

Paul Kevin Curtis, 45, appeared in shackles and a Johnny Cash T-shirt at a federal courtroom in Oxford, Miss., according to the Associated Press.

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Curtis is a conspiracy theorist. Curtis posted the text and image below to his Facebook page on April 16:

I'm on the hidden front lines of a secret war. A war that is making Billions of dollars for corrupt mafia related organizations and people. (bone, tissue, organ, body parts harvesting black market) when we lay our loved ones to rest....we hope and pray their bodies are not violated but I am here to tell you, as long as the bone, tissue & organ harvesting indu$try is NOT REGULATED....on any level(s) whether it be local, state, federal or national...........your loved ones body parts are NOT $AFE. It's not fun for me to be the Me$enger here. It was not fun in 1999 when I made accidental discovery and became a "Person of interest".

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