Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Debate. Oh, my!

Alice C. Linsley

Win McNamee / Getty Images / October 3, 2012 

Poor Obama!  Romney was so "aggressive" during the debate, and we wouldn't want a president who would put other world leaders on the defensive. Romney needs to learn to back down. He should set the facts aside long enough to feel the vibes.  President Obama can do that much better!  He is very engaging when he is around the Hollywood celebs.

I don't know why people think Romney would be a better president than Barack Obama. What does he know about economics?  Just because he knows how to balance his own checkbook doesn't mean he can balance the federal budget.

Besides, President Obama is so sincere and has always been open about what is on his mind. He has been forthright with the American people.  He has told us from the beginning that he supports gay marriage, liberal access to abortion, social medicine and higher taxes to fund our many entitlement programs.  He understands that people don't bite the hand that feeds them... usually.  They are willing to give up some liberties in exchange for government handouts.  They may even agree to setting aside the rule of law in order to suck that teet. But if not, poor Obama can always do it his way, by executive order.

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