Friday, August 19, 2011

Gender, Sexuality, and Spirituality in the Loita Masai

Chris Masterjohn has written an interesting series on the Masai and their worldview.  Read his research here:


Ed said...

Thank you for this post, Alice. I am continuously reminded of the arrogance with which we Westerns continue to approach people. We always try to fit them into the narratives of our culture, assuming that our culture and its values are necessarily correct and that if they are not interested in the things we are interested in or fighting about the things we are fighting about, then they are necessarily wrong, backward, and confused.

Alice C. Linsley said...

Hi, Ed. This same thinking is found in the churches too. It is human to think of my church, my culture, my people, my way of doing things as the right way. The rest of you are wrong. Arrogance is an affront to the Creator. Humility and generosity of spirit please Him.