Monday, May 30, 2011

Yemen Forces Attack and Kill Protesters

Security forces raided the protesters' camp in Taiz, killed dozens of people and inured hundreds. AFP

Taiz, May 30 – A group of security force soldiers have raided the protest camp in the heart of Taiz city, known as the “Freedom Square”, at 3:00 AM on Sunday, 30 May, killing dozens of people and injuring others.

The loyalist soldiers attacked the square from all directions and gunmen in police and plain clothes shoot at protesters from the roofs of surrounding buildings.

The raid terrified local residents and thousands of protesters have fled the square after many of their tents were burned by security forces.

An unknown number called the Yemen Times correspondent in Taiz, threatening to kill him if he reported on any of the events that took place Sunday night in Taiz.

Until now, there are no accurate numbers of protesters killed or injured as the security forces have also stormed protest camp field hospital and the Al-Safwa Private Hospital, seizing dead bodies as well as some injured protesters.

Televisions and satellites inside the camp were also confiscated by the security forces. Two cars belonging to protesters have been burned by police and plainclothes gunmen.

In retaliation to this fierce raid against the protesters, a group of demonstrators burned two government vehicles found in the area.

Currently, armed clashes are erupting between supporters of Hamoud Al-Mikhlafi, an opposition parliamentarian from the Islah party and security forces in front of the security administration building of the Cairo district, only 20 meters distant from Freedom Square.

Source:  Yemen Times

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