Monday, February 16, 2009

Julian Mann's Evangelistic Pitch


· Being subject to office gossip that you’ve turned into a ‘nutter’ after telling a colleague about your new-found faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God

· Being forced to go on an equality and diversity training course for offering to pray for a colleague during a coffee break

· Receiving a written warning from your employer after giving a colleague a copy of Mark’s Gospel during a coffee break

· Losing your job after an e-mailed prayer letter from your home computer, in which you quote some New Testament verses from St Paul’s letter to the Romans (1v26&27), is leaked to your employer

· Having your wife or husband walk out on you because they can’t take the pressure of the flak you’re getting

· Going to jail under homophobic hate speech legislation after your e-mailed prayer letter is passed onto the police by your former employer.

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