Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 9 Without Power in Central KY

This is day 9 without power at my house. It was 3 degrees outside this morning, but a relative toasty 53 degrees in my cottage with the wood stove going full blast.

My Kentucky rabbit dog (part beagle, part bloodhound) didn't want to leave her warm bed next to the stove and when I persuaded her of the dire necessity and finally got her to the side yard, she did her business right quick.

I've gotten acquainted with the ladies at the local Starbucks who brew my morning coffee. God bless them! They are a source of information. Today I learned that there are only 200 households without power in my town and there is a boil water advisory. So I went and bought bottled water while they prepared my venti hazelnut latte.

When I left the store, I saw 6 electrical trucks in the Kroger parking lot so I headed to the nearest truck. I rolled down my car window. He rolled down his truck window and we chatted.

"So where are you from?" I asked.

"Virginia," he said, over the noise of our engines.

"Thanks for coming to help us."

"Yes, Ma'am."

"I hope your heading to my house today. I've got heat, but no power."

"Have you called KU?"

"Oh, yes! Twice."

"What's your address?"

I gave him my street address, but since I have no number on my house, I gave him the firegate number. Every house in the county has a firegate number to assist emergency services.

"Its a small block house with a blue tin roof. I'm out in the woods by myself, so don't forget me."

He smiled and wrote down the information. I wished him a good day and he wished me the same, and I drove away.

God bless this young man from Virginia and all those who have come to help restore power to cold Kentuckians. Crews are here from North Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi and Virginia. I'm sure there are crews from other states as well, but I only know about these.

My children insisted that I buy a cell phone so they can check on me. I've resisted having a cell phone up to now, but it has come in handy.

"Maybe today" has become my mantra. It is a good mantra for a Christian to live by. "Maybe today, Lord? Maranatha!"

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