Sunday, February 15, 2009

Best and Worst Economic Years

What was the worst economic year in the United States since 1929? I can think of a few candidates – 2008, 1992, or maybe 1974. What was the best year? Psst!! Let me give some help – think Clinton years. I have Charles and Matt doing the research and I will include it in this blog as soon as they give it to me.

Hurry up guys, everyone is waiting. Boy that George W. Bush was really a loser. He caused us to suffer through eight years of economic depression – worst economy in fifty years. Oh well, those days are over and we can begin the long climb back to the glory days of the Clinton administration.

Here, I have got the results - 1933 was the worst year and 2008 was the best. Now you have it.

Read it all here.

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