Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sahil Saeed 's Kidnappers Arrested

ISLAMABAD: A five-year-old British boy was reunited with his father in Pakistan on Thursday, a British high commission official said following a kidnapping ordeal that saw a ransom paid in Paris.

Sahil Saeed was recovered by Pakistani police on Tuesday after being dropped near the town where he was kidnapped at gunpoint from his grandmother's house as he and his father prepared to fly home to Britain after a family holiday.
His father Raja Naqqash Saeed flew into Pakistan on Thursday and was reunited with his son at the British high commission in Islamabad, an official at the diplomatic mission told AFP.

Spanish police announced Wednesday that a Pakistani man and a Romanian woman travelled to Paris to collect a ransom of 110,000 pounds (168,000 dollars) for Sahil and were then arrested in the northeastern Spanish town of Constanti.

Another Pakistani man was also arrested in Constanti while French police detained two family members of the man who went to Paris, accusing them of being accomplices.

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