Friday, March 12, 2010

Help for Chile

CHILE EARTHQUAKE: £3930.00 now raised.

The University of Ohio has announced that the city of Concepción, near the epicentre has moved 3.9 metres into the Pacific. Santiago has moved 27.7 cms to the west, and even Buenos Aires is between 2 and 3 cms further west than it was before the earthquake. So South America continues to distance itself from Africa!

The list of fatalities is now 479. There has been tremendous relief at finding groups of people in the hills fearing tsunamis, or in shelters and refuges unknown to family and friends. The lack of communications did not help. The list is about half of what was first feared.

One and a quarter million pounds worth of stolen goods has been returned or abandoned. Either the thieves had the grace to repent, or found they were unable to resell. In any case condemnation of the looting and pillage has been very vocal.

The Ministry of Education plans 3 shifts of children in some schools as a temporary measure while repairs and rebuilding take place. The school where Margaret teaches has 9 classrooms out of action. In Talcahuano, near the epicentre, a secondary school has a trawler sitting in its playground, deposited there by the tsunami.

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