Saturday, October 10, 2009

Elective Abortion for Catholic Students

The Cardinal Newman Society has reported that Boston College’s student health plan includes coverage for “family planning services,” including contraception.

Here’s an excerpt from the Cardinal Newman Society’s Oct. 7 press release about the matter:
“Contraception and birth control services are explicitly covered under the student health plan, Blue Care Elect Preferred (PPO), which is an optional plan for students provided by Boston College. Although elective abortion is not explicitly stated in the policy, Koster Insurance Agency, Inc., Boston College’s insurance agent, could not rule out the possibility that abortions are covered by the policy, according to an article in the Boston College Observer reporting on The Cardinal Newman Society’s research.”

The press release goes on to note the striking contrast between Boston College’s willingness to allow coverage of “family planning services” in its student health plan, and the principled decision by Belmont Abbey College to reject coverage of contraception in its faculty health plan in order to conform with the teachings of the Church.

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