Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dear Jonathan: Why I Oppose Abortion

Dear Jonathan,

Why am I so against abortion? I am against it because it is murder of an innocent human life, plain and simple.

As for controlling the population and crime, you sound pretty selfish if you can present an argument for destroying the weakest of the human race to better the lives of the others, i.e., yourself.

We could just as easily control population and crime by killing adults, I mean if you follow this argument why place limitations?

Why not kill off all the old people as well. After all they do not produce for society but take from it.

We could also kill the ill and infirm since they are a constant drain on our resources.

We could kill the people with lower IQ’s, I mean only the intelligent should benefit from living right?

Oh, then we must also most definitely kill those who look different or think different. I mean, where would we be if people were not like you, or disagreed with you, and these people were allowed to keep on breathing.

Where do you draw the line??

Once the value of life is removed, the only limitations are those placed by those in control.

A man named Hitler went this route. His reasoning was to control what he saw as overpopulation by those who were detrimental to his view of society.

As for discussion, there is none. I am absolute in my values of innocent life, and there is no argument you or anyone else out there will ever be able to bring to me that will sway my opinion on this.

Especially since almost every single person out there who supports the so-called “Choice” of a woman to kill their children are some of the most self-centered selfish people in our day and age.
They believe in the “do it if it feels good and go on living without any consequence” mentality.

I believe in moral absolutes. Some things are unbending, unchanging. This does not matter whether you agree or disagree it is just simple fact.

Some times there is NO SHADE of GREY, just simple black and white, good and evil, right and wrong. This is one of those things.

From here.

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