Tuesday, November 18, 2008

US Governors Curry Favor of Green Voters

Despite the fact that annual global temperatures have been dropping dramatically since 2004, twelve US governors hope to curry the political favor of environmentalists by signing their names to a global warming pact. Here is the report:

Beverly Hills, CA (AHN) - A declaration between 12 U.S. governors and representatives from Brazil, Canada, India, Indonesia and Mexico that their governments and industries will share technologies to reduce global warming emissions is expected to be signed this week.
The declaration is expected to be signed at a two-day Global Climate summit hosted by California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in Beverly Hills.

Governors from five states, along with more than 600 environmental officials and activists, and politicians from several foreign nations are expected to attend the summit, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Read it here.

Schwarzenegger said the first goal of the meeting is to sign the declaration. The second is to "discuss the outlook for a comprehensive global agreement on climate change solutions that prevent the world from passing the 'tipping point' as described by the [UN's Intergovernmental Governmental Panel on Climate Change]," Schwarzenegger's summit overview reads.

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