Thursday, November 13, 2008

Legal Surrogates May Be Universally Mandated in Health Care

I recently asked Dr. Maurice Bernstein this question: "Do you foresee, with greater government regulation, that everyone will be required at some point (registering to vote, getting a driver's licence, etc.) to complete advance directives indicating their choices?"

Maurice Bernstein, M.D. responded: "For those who end up with no friends, family or other surrogates found, it would be helpful for there to be a written document available, prepared when having capacity, to indicate the patient's general philosophy of how to be treated (so-called "living will"). Unfortunately such a document often is not specific for the problem at hand. However, all other patients should at least have a legal surrogate selected who is aware of the patient's philosophy and can be informed about the patient's current medical status and can speak for the patient when incapacitated. That act is the most important and maybe should be part of the government's universal health care plan requirements."

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