Saturday, November 15, 2008

Diocese of Fort Worth Leaves Episcopal Church

Clergy and lay delegates to the 26th diocesan convention of the Diocese Ft. Worth today voted overwhelmingly to leave The Episcopal Church.

Clergy voted by orders, 73 for and 18 against. In lay orders, it was 101 for, 26 against. In percentage terms it was 79.3% clergy and 79.5% lay voting in favor. 92 ballots were cast. One invalid ballot was cast. In the lay order, 127 total ballots were cast.Proposed changes in the Canons and Constitutions were also passed. Clergy voted 72 for with 19 against. Among the laity, 102 for voted with 25 voting against it. The percentages were 78% and 80%, respectively by clergy and laity.

On the question on authority to withdraw from General Convention and to recognize a new Anglican identity, clergy voted 72 for with 19 against. Among the lay orders, 102 were for, 25 were against. As a percentage, it was 78% by the clergy and 80% among lay orders.

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