Sunday, November 9, 2008

American Cynicism About Government

The Federal Government has screwed up the economy by lowering interest rates. Blame the government and Allen Greenspan.

The Federal Government has screwed up by bailing out the bankers who made bad loans. So blame the government.

When elected officials fail to act as public servants they create an environment in which trust is expected to be betrayed and people find power mongering in every action. Here are recent statements by two Americans who are cynical about the Government. And they aren't expecting anything different from Barack Hussein Obama.

"Politics is a cesspool of hyperbole, broken promises, and back-room deals. I really feel sorry for anyone who thinks otherwise. Americans are some of the only people in the world who expect good government." - Arturo Vasquez

"It is not too much of a simplification to note that America is divided into two groups of persons: those who believe in their bones that what goes on in Washington is largely a serious quest by serious people to tackle serious problems seriously, and those who understand that what goes on in Washington is largely theater scripted so that the actors and actresses appear at first glance to be 'public servants' but in fact care for nothing nearly as much as maximizing their power and satisfying their megalomania.

Alas, the first group greatly outnumbers the second. This fact means that those of us in the second group are forced to attend and watch - and participate in the large audience role required in - this absurd drama." - Don Boudreaux

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