Wednesday, November 5, 2008

No Same-Sex 'Marriage' In California

California voters yesterday passed a constitutional amendment outlawing same-sex 'marriage', but it is certain that gay activists will not give up the fight to gain marriage as a right, even though marriage has never been posed as a 'right' for anyone in history, any more than celibacy is posed as a 'right.'

Proposition 8 represents a setback for homosexuals who believed that Americans are willing to accept homosexual unions as being equal to man-wife marriage.

Of the 15+ nations in the world that have made legal provision for homosexual unions, none calls this provision 'marriage'.

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Bronwen said...

Let's stop calling it marriage. Call it what it is, a civil union, with all of the legal rights and advantages available, and let's move on. There are far more important things, life and death issues, the ought to be worked on. The gays have been getting "hitched" in a few states for a while now. Civilization has not come crumbling to the ground.

Alice C. Linsley said...

Many homosexual activists insist on the word "marriage" because they perceive of civil unions as a societal statement that their partnership does not have the same moral approval as marriage.