Sunday, November 9, 2008

Partial Birth Abortion

I knew during the third and final debate that John McCain would lose the election. His responses were just not strong enough to turn the tide his way. When the subject of Partial Birth Abortion came up, both men claimed to be against it. Nonetheless, Barak Obama made the pro-abortion argument anyway, saying that he had been against banning the procedure unless the language of the ban would include exceptions for "the health of the mother." John McCain pointed out that this phrase, "health of the mother," lacked definition, and is used to mean just about anything. His answer was true, but not quite true enough to make the lights come on for most people.

Every resistance to a ban on Partial Birth Abortion claims to be about "the health of the mother." Sometimes, even a supposed psychological need to kill her child, a "need" that would never justify any other kind of murder, is considered sufficient grounds (we call such people sociopaths. Due to a psychological need, Lizzy Borden took an axe, and gave her mother forty whacks). Somehow, a "health need" supposedly makes this entire matter into one of medical practice, we are told. But, it is never a medical issue, and is always only murder pure and simple, even if the issue is the life of the mother. The true argument against Partial Birth Abortion is much more simple, and it should be glaringly obvious to everyone. But, for some reason, the obvious truth has evaded almost everybody who debates the issue in public.

If a pregnancy ought to be terminated in a late term, there is no reason why the baby has to die.

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