Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christians Flee Mosul

ISTANBUL, November 14 (Compass Direct News) – In 99-percent Muslim Turkey, most Iraqi refugees are not Muslims. A middle-aged Iraqi refugee in Istanbul who fled Mosul five months ago said the only hope for his fellow expatriates is for Western countries to open their doors to Christian Iraqi refugees. “We don’t have hope,” he said. “If these doors aren’t opened, we will be killed.”

Weeks after the mass exodus of Mosul Christians to surrounding villages, Turkey and other nations, around one-third of families have returned. But those returning Christians were shaken again on Wednesday (Nov. 12), when Islamic militants stormed into the house of two Syrian Catholic sisters, Lamia’a Sabih and Wala’a Saloha, killing them and severely injuring their mother. They then bombed their house and detonated a second explosive when police arrived, which killed three more. The Christian family had recently returned after having fled Mosul. Many believe this attack will deter other Christians from returning to Mosul, and there are reports of Christians again leaving the area.


President-Elect Obama, are you listening? Do you care?

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