Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lakota Path to Healing

Seven Directions Toward Healing

1. I realize that because of my abuse of alcohol and other drugs, I have been disrespectful toward myself and my relations.

2. I understand now that I need to seek out help to regain respect for myself and my relations.

3. I now seek through prayer, purification, and meditation to communicate with Tunkasila (Grandfather).

4. I pray daily to Tunkasila to give me the wisdom to know and understand my weaknesses and to understand my place within the Sacred Circle of Life.

5. I have the courage to forgive myself and to live in balance with my relations with the guidance of Tunkasila.

6. I pray to Tunkasila to give me wisdom, knowledge, and strength to live my life according to our Lakota values.

7. By following these directions, I walk the Canku Luta (Red road), sharing these values to help my relations and myself to overcome alcohol and other drugs.

(From the Lakota Country Times)

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