Monday, November 9, 2009

Nov. 8 News Briefs

KABUL: Two US paratroopers went missing on Wednesday after trying to recover airdropped supplies from a river in western Afghanistan. Nato’s International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) said on Sunday that there was an ‘ongoing search operation’ for the two missing US soldiers.

VERAPAZ: Mud and boulders loosened by heavy rains partly buried a small town as flooding and landslides across El Salvador killed at least 124 people. Hundreds of soldiers, police and residents dug through debris in Verapaz, El Salvador looking for another 60 people missing from the mudslide, which struck before dawn Sunday while residents were still in their beds.

WASHINGTON: The House of Representatives voted on Saturday to tighten a ban against using federal funds to finance abortions under the proposed healthcare reform legislation. Republicans and anti-abortion Democrats joined to pass the amendment to the healthcare legislation on a vote of 240-194.

CAPE VERDE: A first-ever outbreak of dengue fever in Cape Verde has caused four deaths and infected about 9,000 people, causing panic on the archipelago. Cape Verde was aiming at becoming "the new Canary Islands" off the West African coast but this outbreak will have a negative effect on tourism.

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