Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Michael Ramsey Treasure Found

An Anglican monastery in England could be the unlikely owners of a recently discovered hoard of silver and gold artefacts.

The 32 items were all gifts to Michael Ramsey during his time from 1961 until 1974 as Archbishop of Canterbury.

Details of the discovery in the River Wear, close to the former primate's retirement home near Durham Cathedral, were revealed last week. Initially, it was assumed the items would be shared between the cathedral, which owns the riverbank, and two brothers who found them.

But now the Community of the Resurrection at Mirfield, West Yorkshire, could have a claim on the items, which include a gold medallion from Pope Paul VI. It is not known how Dr Ramsey's belongings came to be in the river, and there is no record of his former home, on South Bailey, being burgled. It is believed they were thrown from the city's Prebends Bridge.

Community Superior Fr George Guiver told the Church of England Newspaper: "We were the beneficiaries of Dr Ramsey's will. I suppose we could contact our solicitor about this matter and may well do so."

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