Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hard to Forgive Maj. Hasan

Alice C. Linsley

You have to pity such a sick person as Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the Army psychiatric who killed the very soldiers he was trained to care for because he was teased about his religion. Give me a break! This guy must have the ego strength of a pussy willow.

Clearly his grasp on reality is tenuous. Imagine a soldier thinking that he should be exempt from deployment! It boggles the mind. But this soldier is crazy and apparently a self-styled terrorist. That's the message he sent when he jumped on to a desk and started screaming 'Allahu Akbar' - God is Great - and fired on his fellow soldiers.

Why are so many psychiatrists crazy? My oldest daughter could tell you stories about that. She married one and found out that he had 3 other wives! He thought he was entitled. Hasan thought he was entitled to stay in the country that payed his way through college and medical school rather than perform his duty overseas. To crazy, we can add a lack of loyalty and integrity.

I've been harrassed for my stand against heresy and innovation in the Episcopal Church. I lost my home, friends, been slandered, received hate mail, lost a career and been unemployed for up to 3 years. Does this entitle me to massacre decent citizens? Only if my mind is deranged. Only if I hold me, myself, and I as my single value.

His grandmother is crushed by his evil deeds and wept when she spoke to reporters. His family is dishonored, and even knowing this would be the case, Hasan did the bloody deed. He has made life more difficult for Muslims in the Armed Forces.

Hasan reportedly was "mortified" about being deployed. Why? Did he think he would actually have to kill fellow Muslims as a psychiatrist? Not likely. Or was he afraid that fellow Muslims might target him as a traitor? That seems more likely to me. If so, we can add coward to the list of attributes held by this son of immigrant parents from a small town near Jerusalem.

With all that our troops already have to endure, they now have to watch their care-givers. Next time it might be a nurse in a military hospital or a military dentist.

Pray for our troops, and especially for the families who have lost loved ones at Fort Hood.

And pray that the US Army will find ways to prevent future tragedies such as this. Hasan apparently drew the attention of law enforcement officials at least 6 months ago because of Internet postings about suicide bombings. Why wasn't he taken in for questioning? Why was he allowed to destroy so many lives?

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George Patsourakos said...

Law enforcement officials, who knew about Hasan's Internet postings about suicide bombings six months ago, should have taken him in for questioning at that time. To have done so, probably would have prevented the worst case of killings on a U.S. military base in American history.