Sunday, May 10, 2009

Taliban Targets Minorities

Recent acts of violence and intimidation have been aimed at the minorities in Pakistan , especially the Christian community.

Minorities’ legislators walked out of a session of the National Assembly recently to protest the burning of three churches in Karachi . According to reports, over a hundred armed persons ransacked these churches, and also disgraced the Holy Bible and the Cross. Later, these militants attacked the Christian population of the area, killing three and injuring many others. The other day, graffiti like “Taliban Zindabad” was written on the walls of these churches.

This incident came after reports that the Taliban in Orakzai have demanded jiziya (Islamic tax) from Sikh families living in the agency. According to the Taliban, the Sikhs are a minority and are liable to pay tax for living in the area in accordance with sharia.

The Pakistan government and the political leadership, especially the minister for minorities affairs, should take serious notice of this situation and protect the minorities instead of turning a blind eye to the terrorism of the Taliban.

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