Sunday, May 10, 2009

Electronic Control of Masses

Valery Filimonov, academician, biocybernetics and management systems expert, introduced Interfax-Religion to his thoughts on prospects of turning humanity in controllable “biomass” and comments on who stands behind these attempts, what are the dangers of electronic control over people.

- Do you consider universal technotronic dictatorship a myth or reality?

- It’s an old dream of the high and mighties. Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote about necessity of total control and technotronic dictatorship in 1968. David Rockefeller cynically said, “The super-national sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination” Today their plans are gradually materializing. All of us can witness the process. They foster the society where each person will stay under the vigilant eye of the Big Brother who keeps guard of the interests of today's masters, the kings of profiteering and the pawnbrokers of the global scale. It is becoming only evident that the current recession is part of the world's elite scheme to enslave humanity.

- What are the dangers of electronic control over people? Is it real to turn humans in controlled mass of cyborgs?- Today we can assert that not only are they establishing the system of continuous surveillance, but also they are building the system of absolute power over people. What is the use of spending billions for peeping through the keyhole! For example, Opinion 20 of the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies states the need of "the transformation of the human race" through "the multiplication of body-friendly technologies" which can "herald the coming of cyborgs.” It proposes to modify individuals “via various electronic devices, under skin chips and smart tags.”

- What do you think about the scales of such control? Who hides behind these technologies and what is the aim?

- According to a number of international agreements, new world order is usually called global informational society or global network society. In fact, this unitarian transnational cyber society will become an electronic death camp. People will be turned in impersonal user-friendly “bio object.” He will be helpless before cyber system, which is to control the society, and its masters. In fact, it will be global technotronic fascism using the latest informational and telecommunicational technologies as a powerful instrument of electronic suppression of free human will. It is an open secret that the main driving force behind the global Internet community unites antichristian and cosmopolitan members of the world's elite, rather than science experts.

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