Sunday, May 10, 2009

Smith Budget Cuts Hit "Diversity"

Sometimes religious types try to broaden their views in order to be loved and respected by nonbelievers.

Don’t try this. You only give them more reason to disregard you.

Take what happened to Smith College’s chaplains: Their nondogmatic and pro-diversity stance was so persuasive, the school fired them in the name of nondogmatism and diversity.

Smith once employed chaplains who serve Catholics, Protestants and Jews, reports The Weekly Standard. No more.

Read it all here.

In April, the Smith Board of Trustees gave Dean of Religious Life Jennifer Walters the mandate to cut costs in the Religious Life program. The proposed restructuring eliminates the chaplain positions entirely.

Smith, once a Christian college, has Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish and New Age Chaplains. No report on whether the "wellness" chaplain to the right is still laughing.

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