Monday, April 27, 2009

Taliban to Fight for Sharia Law

TIMERGARA, April 26: Pakistani security forces launched an operation against militants in Lower Dir on Sunday and there were reports of fierce clashes from different parts of the district. The ISPR claimed that several militants, among them a ‘commander’, had been killed in clashes in the Kala Daag area.

It said the operation had been launched at the request of the NWFP government and local tribal elders. Militants’ spokesman Muslim Khan, meanwhile, threatened that the Taliban would carry out attacks in the entire Malakand region if the operation was not stopped. He accused the government of violating the Swat peace agreement by launching the operation.

“The government should stop the operation; otherwise Taliban will resume their activities,” he warned. He said militants would not lay down arms until ‘Sharia laws’ were promulgated in Malakand.

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